About the Duxbury, MA Area

Duxbury is approximately 35 miles south of Boston and has more than 14,000 residents.  The town was a center for shipbuilding until the mid-nineteenth century when the ships became too large for Duxbury's shallow bay.  Many historic and beautiful homes from Pilgrim times and the shipbuilding era still exist.  Today Duxbury has become famous for its oysters. 



Duxbury is known for it's beautiful beaches, open spaces, and superlative school system all within close proximity to Boston.  

Duxbury founded in 1637, was named by Myles Standish after Duxbury Woods in his home town of Chorley, Lancashire, Great Britian.  Settled by the Pilgrims Myles Standish, and John Alden in 1624, Duxbury was incorporated in 1637. Duxbury is primarily a residential community on the Atlantic coast in Plymouth County Massachusetts.   It is bordered by Cape Cod Bay to the east, Duxbury Bay, Kingston Bay and Plymouth to the southeast, Kingston to the southwest, Pembroke to the west and northwest, and Marshfield to the north. 

Duxbury, MA Area Map